Friday, March 15, 2013

Gone Listening

Last night someone asked me how often I blogged. I said my goal is to write once a week. Which is the truth. I strive for one quality post a week. Hopefully something that falls into my mission to be either practical and useful or thought provoking. Something worth sharing. Tweetworthy.

I quickly fessed up that I've been lax of late. I knew it had been over two weeks since I had last written a word here. And I wanted this person to know in the event he decided to visit my site. I wanted to be clear I am not a fraud even though I had not posted one single blog in the month of March. I  wanted him to be certain I am not one of those people who say they blog, when they don't. I am a blogger. Among other things. 

I admit to feeling consumed with guilt.

A blog is a commitment. It's a place to speak one's mind. To share information and thoughts on the topic of one's choices. It needs care and nurturing. And I have been remiss.

But there are reasons. Good ones.

In this 24/7 digital space we live in everyone has something to say, every moment of every day. Some of it is really good and some is just awful. Sometimes it all starts to sound like white noise to me. It makes listening hard. And listening is important. In fact listening may be more important than speaking.

If you are not listening, you have no basis by which to voice your point of view. And by listening, I mean listening. Not simply hearing words. There is a difference. And if you don't believe me, you are probably not listening at all.

The essence of the digital space we live in is about engaging and sharing through technology. It is what makes digital marketing different from marketing as we knew it. To fully engage, one must first listen. With both ears and their brain. Sometimes that means being quiet and keeping ones thoughts to oneselves. For a bit. Until it is time to share again.

I've been spending time listening. A lot. More on that later. But for now let me just say, it appears it's time for me to share again. 

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