Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stopping on a Sunday

Do you ever just want to say STOP? It's all moving too fast. There is too much to do. You're tired of juggling. You're exhausted from the exhaustion.  And then when you give in to it and allow yourself the break,  telling yourself you deserve a little rest and relaxation you can't. You're too wired to keep it all going to stop. You feel guilty. You're losing time on your project. If you rest too long you're convinced someone or something else is going to beat you to whatever it is you have decided your claim to fame will be.

I do.

But that didn't prevent me from stopping today to languish in the glow of the summer sun. Dip my toe in the ocean, let the heels of my feet sink deep into the soft sand. To catch up under my beach umbrella with an old friend. The kind that knows you from when you didn't know you. The kind that you don't talk to but every so often, but when you do it was like yesterday you last chatted. The kind who never seems to age because in her eyes you see her sixteen-year old self and she yours. The kind you know that if you each live to be 100 you will still be friends. The kind worth stopping on a Sunday for.


Colette Martin said...

Oh good for you -- a day at the beach sounds delicious!

Unknown said...

Thanks Colette! It was! Are you going to BlogHer?