Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I inherited my mirror genes from my mother's side of the family. They cause all of us blessed with them to pause in front of anything in which we see a reflection. Store windows included. So I'm always looking. Most of the time to make sure I have enough lipstick on, my hair is cooperating with the weather or checking to make sure that  splurge on a cheeseburger and fries has not settled on my waist.

Maybe you don't have these genes. Maybe you're one of the people who barely takes a moment to look. Or doesn't even want to. You're too caught up in the mire of the everyday, focused on all that is on your plate or if you are like me holding two plates, to take the time to stop in front of the looking glass.

And if we do, even if you are a member of my family obsessed with reflection, it's rare that we see what others do.  Our culture insists that we seek out what is missing, the flaws and the imperfections. So when we do look we see lack.

I'm lucky. I keep a big circle around me of people with sharp eyes who settle in on my good stuff and are generous enough to offer it up. Take for instance the other day when I had the good fortune to catch up with my friend Barbara Stanny. Stanny, as she is affectionately called among her goddess friends is the leading authority on women and money and the author of several books worth reading including: Overcoming Underearning, Secrets Of Six Figure Women and Prince Charming Isn't Coming.

We hadn't spoken in a while so there was a lot to catch up including my coaching practice and Art of Selling series and her new Money Mondays and Sacred Success Programs. Plus you know what happens when two coaches get chatting. They can't help themselves but coach a bit.  Barbara shared what she saw in my reflection,  a focused, pragmatic and  intuitive coach who puts theory into practice, shares fabulous resources and gets results.

Once I could breathe again long enough to take it in, I took another look in my mirror. After wiping it clean with a little Windex I was able to see what she did. But only after her assist. That's why coaches come in handy. They are there to cheer you and remind you of your strengths as they insist you go higher.

I'm a big fan of Stanny and hold a great deal of respect for her and her work. Any one who wants to change their relationship with money should be working with her. I shared some of my fabulous resources and where else in cyberspace I thought Barbara should be sharing her wealth of wisdom and'll soon be seeing Stanny over on ForbesWoman pretty regularly!

Barbara Stanny's next Sacred Success Retreat is May 12-15. Rumor has it there are still a few spaces left if you hurry!

What do you see in the mirror?
Have you been generous today and offered up to someone else what you see in them?


Ridhs said...

Hey there,just wanted to say,that was a very enjoyable read.liked the concept of offerin up to someone about their good when you look in the mirror.good work!

Unknown said...

Thanks for reading!

Tracy said...

I read Secrets of Six Figure Women about two years ago, and it gave me a new perspective - loved that book - please pass on my admiration.

I usually can't see myself clearly by looking in the mirror...and have learned that to see myself the clearest, we need to close our eyes and turn to the inside. It sounds as if your friends help you see your true self. Cheers to that!!