Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Half Full Glass

I choose to view the world through the eyes of a glass half full.  Many would  argue with me and say it is half empty, that I am not being realistic and need to get a grip on things.

I understand that. For a great deal of my life I chose to view things from their angle. I looked at what was missing instead of what I had. I viewed the path ahead with fear instead of anticipation. It got me nowhere, except too often feeling sorry for myself, a few creases in my forehead and a not so happy look on my face.

I thought I lacked the control to do anything about it. But I was wrong.

The first thing I could do was choose to look at things differently. I could choose to see the glass as half full with more flowing into it or I could choose to see it as half empty and draining quickly.

It's all in the perspective. It's all a choice.

When I see the glass half empty, fear sets in.  I try and hold on to what I have before it slips away to nothing. The fear does not propel me forward as some like to believe. It paralyzes. Whatever I manage to do to get that glass full seems counterproductive. All I can see is the lack. I throw the reigns of the power to do something about it to someone else.

But when I choose half full I start from a place of gratitude for what I have already. I have a clear head. I feel the abundance of what is already in front of me. I don't stop wanting more.  But I feel powerful in that there are steps I can do to fill that glass to the brim. I am full of energy to do the work.

There will be a lot of glass half empty stories today or half full depending on which side of the fence your views sit.  There will be many who will argue and debate what the "truth" of the contents are.

I say it is nothing more than perspective. You may not think you have a choice in how you want to see things, but you do.  And if you choose half full, it doesn't mean you just get to look at the glass and smile and think it's going to stay like that. It takes work. And you have to be willing to do it.


Tracy said...

Mine is 1/2 full. It would be completely full, but I already drank the other 1/2.

Unknown said...

Thanks Tracy! I love your response!