Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have been scattered. Unable to sit and write anything that is blogworthy. This morning I set my alarm so I would get started early. One of my most favorite times for new ideas is in those dark hours before dawn when the world is quiet and I can hear my muse better.

But my muse, it seems is also scattered. She pops in, leaves me a few words and ideas and is off again. If I knew where she was going I would follow her. But as I said she has been quiet.

Scattered. That is how I have been.  Like the leaves falling off the trees. My ideas, my thoughts, my words, sentences are all strewn about in piles of yellow and orange and red.

I don't know what to do with the piles. Do I burn them, sweep them away, do I separate them by color, make sure they don't clog any gutters? Or do I just admire them for their beauty, their individuality and their uniqueness? How do I remember that there is a story in each one? That they are all just part of the process?

The leaves are falling now. The trees will grow bare and rest for a bit, until they are ready. And then just like that they will sprout new growth again. They'll burst tiny green buds that will blossom seemingly overnight. It is the rhythm and cycle of nature.

How do I remember this is all just part of the process?
Ahh. I know. I make myself write and not worry if it is blogworthy.

Are you scattered today?
What do you do when you are scattered?
How do you focus?


Colette Martin said...

Oh yeah! Just about every other day. Sometimes exercise helps. Or -- try just setting a timer and write something -- anything -- and maybe you'll get into the zone.

Unknown said...

Good advice! Thank you !

Barbara said...

Yes, everybody feels this way from time to time. I try to embrace it as part of the process, but it's not easy! Here's to your lovely falling leaves.

Dr. Cyndi said...

Hiya! I have installed a program on my computer that dings a mindfulness bell every 30 minutes. When it goes off, I sit quietly and breathe for a few seconds. It helps bring all the parts of me into place for a moment.

And I so struggle with what you're describing. Often, doing a good housecleaning then committing myself to write for just one hour takes care of a lot of the stress.

Keep on writing!