Monday, July 26, 2010

Tides Do Turn

There I was, huddled under my blue striped umbrella, covered in sunscreen,  not sure why I did not pack it up and call it a weekend. It was too hot. Even in the shade. Even for me. Blistering hot. The only breeze was a warm one.

But I didn't, because this is where I wanted to be. Close to the edge of the water with the crashing of  the ocean waves as my soundtrack, offering me a comfort that all is right in the world. No matter how crazy things seem at any given moment, the sound of white caps leaving their mark on the sand soothes me.

Besides, I was convinced that something was going to shift and that stifling hot air would turn cool. The breeze would miraculously become refreshing and breathing would be easier. And I would get the sort of lazy Sunday I had wished for.

I relaxed, I read, I enjoyed where I was and I reminded myself that in the depths of January I would long for this heat.

And then something happened. I felt a coolness envelope me, as though I had just passed the open door of an air conditioned store on a hot city street. The tide had changed. The wind seemed to shift direction. The breeze became cool. The sun was still strong and the day I had envisioned to end my weekend had materialized.

And that's what can happen when you know you are where you want to be. Even though it might not look exactly as you had pictured, on a moment's notice something shifts and there it is before you. The story in your head becomes the story you are living.


Claire Cook said...

SO true! Thanks for another great post, Joanne!

Claire Cook

Unknown said...

Glad you enjoyed!

melekler korusun final said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

I loved this one!