Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time to Reinvent: Warning Sign #7

A friend calls you for a favor. His son wants to get in your business. He asks if you'll meet with him and talk. You know you should say no. You almost say no. But you don't. You agree. Because he is your friend and his son is a nice kid.

You promise yourself to be on your best behavior and support this young man's enthusiasm. You are supposed to be  encouraging him.  You tell him you could give him thirty minutes. You look at your watch. Two minute warning. You are almost done.  Is there one more question he wants to ask?

Yes. He reminds you that you said repeatedly  how important it was to love  your work  and to feel true passion for it. He asks you if you are still passionate about what you do.

You stumble. You try not to answer. He doesn't need to know. But the words comes out anyway.
NO. Not any more.
His reply is to ask you why you are not doing something about it?


SingaporeGirlinNewYork said...

I wish there was a "like" button in blogs like facebook that people could "like" posts :)

Unknown said...

No like button but I love your comments!
Thank you!