Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Reinvention A Girl Thing?

I keep wondering whether this whole concept of reinventing our lives is something women are more predisposed to than men. Yes, men change. Yes, I know men who have tossed the corporate hat aside for entrepreneurship. But it seems to me that with men it is more of an evolution as opposed to complete reinvention.

I read everyday about women turning the whole thing upside down and starting over. But I don't about men. Is that because my eye is tuned more towards the women's stories or are men less likely to make the really drastic changes? The kind that completely close one chapter to write a new one?

As women we certainly don't do that in our relationships. We try to make things work. And what about that remote? Aren't we the ones to linger a bit, see if the channel that's on is one we want to give some time to?

What do you think? Is it more in our genes as woman to create second and third acts? Are you a man whose reinvented or a woman who would never dare? Or am I just having an optical illusion and there is no sex more likely to reinvent?

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