Sunday, December 13, 2009


It happens every December. That moment half way through the month when I want to stop and get off the holiday roller coaster. The list of everything that has to get done is not getting any shorter. There are cookies to bake, presents to buy, parties to attend and a tree to trim. And then there is the day job. Except that this year I don't have that office to go too. The essays I am writing, the edits on the novel and the blogs to post are as far as my desk in the living room. And I am still overwhelmed.

So how come?

I have eliminated Christmas cards so if you don't get one don't think I dropped you from the list. This year there is no list. I have shrunk my gift giving to a fraction of what it used to be. I am more disciplined than ever with getting to the gym and watching my alcohol intake. But I still feel it. Overwhelmed.

I want to give in and stop. To do what my Louise Hays calendar says today. Give myself permission to do absolutely nothing. But I am too overwhelmed. Besides I have a tree to trim.

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