Monday, May 18, 2009

Having A Plan In The Face Of Pink

I’m still a little obsessed with why the “pink slip” as in the one that is not some sexy Valentine’s Day gift, but as notice that you no longer have a job, is the color pink.

I did a little research on the significance and meaning of the hue and this is what came up.

Pink is traditionally for girls. It is also the color of romance. The message of a pink carnation is I will never forget you. It is soft and calming. Studies have shown it to be a tranquilizing color, one it is hard to be angry in the face of, one that saps your energy, literally creating physical weakness. Some believe it can neutralize disorder and violence. And of course as we all know, pink lighting, especially in the boudoir, is less harsh than white.

This doesn't explain much, especially as boys get pink slips too. Perhaps someone thought the color choice might make it easier than if it was some color that made people angry, but it's doubtful. My guess is it started as just an old three part carbon in which the pink copy just happened to get stamped employee.

But what if you got THE pink slip today? What would you do? People traditionally think the axe falls on a Friday. For me it was a Monday. And judging from the news reports and unemployment figures any old day of the week works in these times to let people go.

When my day came, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I had my plan in place for quite some time. And because of that plan the discomfort was less severe.

Don’t get me wrong. These types of things are never easy. Psychologically speaking they are considered traumas up there with death and divorce. But a plan puts it all in perspective. At least it did for me. I was certain I was not going to look for another plot to plow in my field, but instead go to a different field. I had my plan in place. I knew what I wanted to do next.

Do you? Do you love what you currently do so much, you would go out in search of a similar position in your industry? Or is there some dream you have been harboring, maybe one you haven’t yet dared to say out loud? Maybe you’ve got your very own “pink slip” on file already and found yourself without a plan. What did you do ?

Tell me. It’s Monday and I’m curious. I’m also about to be sequestered back in the jury room.

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