Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What I Miss

When people ask me if I miss corporate life at all, my answer, without pause, is no. With the exception of a handful of close friends I worked with daily and the paycheck every two weeks I don’t miss much.

But today I did.

I was working on my blog. Not writing a new post, but adding some gadgets and moving some things around. Or at least trying to.

I was inspired to attack this project after attending one of Carmina Perez’ classes ( which I highly recommend) on exactly this subject last night. She made it look so easy, I was sure it was going to take just a few minutes and I would be back to writing. But I should know myself better.

This kind of stuff makes my head hurt. And the truth is I don’t really want to be doing it. I want to be writing and I want someone else to be doing it. You know, that corporate phenomenon known as IT support. But, as you know, I don’t belong to that world anymore and in my new one I am practicing fiscal responsibility, which basically means, don’t pay out for what you can learn to do yourself.

There I was, scrolling away, like I had a degree in computer technology, looking for that exact break in the html code, after which I was supposed to add the new gadget. As my eyes started to blur and my frustration level was rising, I admitted it. I did miss something about corporate life. Tech support.

I kept missing that exact break. But not one to give up easily, I kept on trying. When I finally did find it I was so elated I had to do a victory lap around my computer.

In fact I am feeling so confident with my new gadget installed, I have decided to try and connect my blog to Facebook later. We’ll see how that goes. Who knows I might even have some time left over today to write!

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