Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Simply the Best !

So I have been feeling melancholy this past week. It started with Thanksgiving and that thing that happens to me at the beginning of the holiday season. I have trouble staying present. Not staying present is especially dangerous for me in this particular moment on my reinvention journey. If I am not fully present I am somewhere in the past debating the should haves and what ifs or somewhere in the future worrying about what is or is not going to happen next. It’s not pretty and rather exhausting. The energy that swirls around me is not a rainbow of color designed to create and inspire, but instead a murky grey that leaves me in a state of inertia.

That is where I was yesterday, December 1, the first day of the last month of this whirlwind of a year of changes. That is where I was despite the fact I had tickets to see Tina Turner Live at Madison Square Garden. The tickets that had been in my hands for months since I got that little email from American Express encouraging me to buy them before they went on sale to the general public.

The day of a concert I usually like to listen to the music of the artist I am going to see. Immerse myself in their sound. Dance around the house a bit. Sing along. Take my anticipation up a notch!

But I couldn’t yesterday, because I was in that spot, the one where I feel like my feet are encased in two cement blocks that do not allow me to move. The one that questions my decision to pursue my passion. The one that second guesses myself. The one that allows me to get nothing done. Still, the allure of getting to see one of my absolute favorite performers on stage, cracked through and I was there, on the floor of the Garden when the red velvet curtains parted last night.

This woman, this rock star legend, who is almost seventy years old, captivated the audience and me with them. What struck me as her energy swept over the crowd is that what she brings is so much more than her extraordinary talent. She genuinely likes what she does and who she is. That’s what makes her a true performer and not just another voice. Tina Turner does not just sing, she has fun. And she wants to make sure you do as well. She is a woman living her passion.

That’s why she looks so amazing. She is happy and she is even happier to share that with you. She gets to do what she loves to do. I won’t discount the boyfriend that is sixteen years her junior or her financial means, but that is not enough to create the radiance she emits. She followed her heart to get to where she is. And she had the courage to do that.

So, thank you Tina. Not only did you entertain last night, you inspired. You reminded me why I have chosen this particular path at this particular moment. You showed me what that looks like. You reminded me about the having fun part. You are, simply the best!

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