Joanne Tombrakos is an outstanding communicator.  Able to balance the real world with social media,  Joanne is one of the few people I’ve come across that can make thought leadership accessible to a wide audience.  We have enjoyed having her speak at Kaplow and the response was outstanding.  Joanne is not only a credible expert on social media, most importantly her insights spark ideas.
- Liz Kaplow - President & CEO Kaplow , Former President, New York Women in Communications

Joanne’s mastery of digital media is more relevant than ever. Her expertise in distilling complex data into clear, concise information provides a logical and highly effective marketing road map. - Joanne Sephine -Vice President, Creative Bionic Crayon Inc.

Joanne is passionate and has a wealth and breadth of knowledge about digital marketing, which is saying something since it changes so often! The information I learned from Joanne was invaluable and I've already seen positive responses to what I've implemented in my business. - Amy Peloso, Happiness Advocate, Chief Advice Giver - The Queen Bee NYC

I write in gratitude for her workshop, YOUR DIGITAL YOU. It simultaneously demystified and prompted me to take part in a world that had, up until now daunted me. She is a catalyst for engagement. - Tara Dixon, Artist and Owner, Gratitude Designs by Tara Dixon, The Gratitude House

Joanne is an excellent facilitator, helping to move projects from conception to on-air. She is thorough while never losing sight of the bigger picture. - Bruce Angeli, Principal at Bruce Angeli, LLC.

She gives practical and concrete advice. - Elizabeth Barbaro, Educational Therapist 

She has great insight into what makes people tick and is able to sing a light on how to create change and make it not seem so scary by breaking it down into manageable steps. - Amy Aho, Director, Deutsch Bank

Joanne came to our meeting full of ideas and achievable goals. - Suzi Banks Baum, Writer, Artist, Creator and Founder of Laundry Line Divine

Everything I want in a speaker, Joanne delivered. Her experiences and results are real-world. You can tell she knows what she’s talking about because she’s lived it. Joanne is a great storyteller who uses what she’s learned to empower her audience. - Mary-Frances Makichen - Principal, Word Medley Media

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